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Facilities and Divisions

Alliance Grain Traders is one of the largest lentil and pea splitting operations in the world with over 65 years of global marketing experience.

SourcingAlliance Grain Traders headquarters are located in Regina, Saskatchewan - the heart of Canada's largest production area for pulse crops, and operates 31 production facilities in the center of the pulse growing regions of Canada, the United States, Turkey, Australia, China and South Africa. From an area that accounts for more than 96% of the pulse growing areas of some of the world's top producing origins, Alliance Grain Traders' merchandising activities reach producers in these key growing regions and markets all over the world.

ProcessingAlliance Grain Traders' state-of-the-art production facilities feature production lines for cleaning, sizing, splitting, colour-sorting and packaging a full line of lentil, chickpea, pea, bean and canary seed products. Facilities in Turkey also feature production lines for the production of durum wheat semolina, pasta, rice and bulgur wheat, including the largest-capacity pasta production line in the world and the largest bulgur wheat production facility in Turkey.

ExportingAlliance Grain Traders was founded on the principle of "From Producer to the World", bringing locally-grown pulses to private importers, international development agencies and clients in all geographic regions.

The Alliance Grain Traders quality guarantee is based on a comprehensive process that has been developed specifically for buying and production of quality pulse products.

  • Our goal is to create business relationships that are designed for the convenience of the buyer, with flexible delivery options and competitive pricing.
  • We manage transportation and logistics issues. We pay attention to the details.
  • Our commitment to innovation and drive to constantly improve our facilities and proprietary production technologies gives us our competitive advantage. Our advantage is your advantage.

Alliance Grain Traders Facilities

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Main Plant - Regina, SK

Arbel Compund - Mersin, Turkey
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Arbella Pasta/Durum Foods - Mersin, Turkey
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Arbel Rice - Edirne, Turkey
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Australia Milling Group

United Pulse Trading

Advance Seed

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Agtech Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Rosetown Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Pulse Depot Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Horizon Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Milestone Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Assiniboia Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Wilkie Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Gibbons Division

Saskcan Pulse Trading - Parent Division

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